If you want to develop an eco-management audit system in a school, we invite you to visit out web-site. You’ll find the steps that Colegiul National “Emil Racovita” from Cluj-Napoca have made- together with the other partner schools by developing the Comenius 1 school development project DIR-EMAS- in order to become an EMAS certified school.
This web - site is a product of the project DIR-EMAS, a Socrates Comenius 1 school development project, with the financial support of the Romanian Socrates National Agency. The content of this web - site is not necessarily presenting the official position of the European Union.

The Center for Environmental Studies’ web site presents the “Eco-Management and Audit Scheme for Municipalities …” project. This project has been the first ambitious attempt to introduce environmental management systems into CEE municipalities (one of the municipalities is Campulung Muscel from Romania).

EMAS beyond the EU- some information about what is happening in the accession countries in the EMAS domain on EUROPA- Environment-Emas web page.

The Guide to development of EMAS in the CEE countries
This guide has been worked out with the kind support of the Directorate General -Environment of the European Commission within the project ENV.1/SER/2000/0017: Programme for the Promotion of EMAS in the Czech Republic. The guide gives a brief overview of the new Regulation No 761/2001 adopted by the European Parliament and by the Council on 19 March 2001, allowing voluntary participation of organisations in a Community "Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)". It indicates a possible approach to the development of EMAS strategy and institutional structure in EU candidate countries of the Central and Eastern European region. Primarily the competent bodies of the candidate countries, which may find useful some experience and information provided herein, can use this guide.

The Romanian Ministry of Environment and Waters Management web site: http://www.mappm.ro.
This web site is written in Romanian language.

This is the web site of the NGO Romanian information community developed by StrawberryNet- Environmental Electronic Network. On these pages you will find information from and for non-profit civil sector in Romania. You can learn about the Strawberry Net electronic network for environment, sustainable development.
The web site is written in Romanian language; it has an English language version, too.

In this site, you will find out about the Eco-Schools programme generally, and links and contacts of national programmes. The Eco-Schools Programme aims to raise students’ awareness of environmental and related sustainable development issues through classroom study together with school and community action, and provides an integrated system for environmental management of schools based on an ISO14001/EMAS approach.
The Eco-school Romanian programme can be find at:
http://www.eco-schools.org/countries/pages/page_rom.htm and at
http://eco-scoala.ngo.ro/ .
Both web sites are written in Romanian language.

The Global Directory for Environmental Technology web site
This is a comprehensive guide to the full spectrum of environmental products & services, featuring 6,766 leading suppliers from 140 countries. Information about organisations, conferences and publications is complemented by editorial contributions from distinguished experts in their respective fields.
A practical reference source for government departments, utility companies, engineering consultants, development agencies, importers and traders, educational institutes, non-governmental organisations and individuals engaged in environmental activities.

An article in Romanian language about the first EMAS validation (in fact, till now is the only EMAS validation) in Romania can be found at:
http://www.qakademia.ro/arhiva articole vechi/QM 2001/QM 3/TUV articol.doc

The GIE Ltd (Group Independent Expert) web site is offering technical assistance related to environment.
GIE Ltd has a major experience in the field of international projects since 1993, participating successfully in many projects that were financed by European Commission, World Bank, USAID, JICA, etc., in the field of environment, providing project management and/or technical expertise.

This web site presents
„The National Medium-Term Development Strategy of the Romanian Economy”- chapter VI- environmental protection, territorial planning and regional development

Euro-Emas training material realized by ECOTEC can be found at:

Temagon Group’s web page presents its offer regarding the services it can offer on the Romanian market for quality assurance of the environmental management systems.
http://www.temagon.ro/quality.php?i=2&s=1&ss=6 (English version)
http://www.temagon.ro/quality.php?lang=ro (Romanian version)

The Syscert’s web page is presenting the company’s offer regarding the management systems certifications. Syscert is the only accredited company, which can certify environmental management systems in Romania.
The web page is in Romanian language.

A booklet about the Environmental Politics in Romanian language can be found at:

The web page presents information about environmental management systems seminars organized in Romania (the web page is in Romanian language)

An open and distance learning manual prepared within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme “Bio-Environment and New Millennium” about international and European tools for the environmental management in Romanian language can be found at:

The Romanian EMAS legislation can be found at:
http://domino2.kappa.ro/mj/lexcurent.nsf/0 (limba româna).

This document is a guide for environmental management realized by the Partnership Foundation in the Eco- Business Programme “A Cleaner Environment with lower costs” (Romanian language).